South Park is a 5-reel, 25 payline video slot game that is based on the animated television series that first aired on Comedy Central in 1997. The video slot features many of the same characters from the show including Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Karl. The TV show is as popular now as it was when it first debuted over 17 years ago. Netentertainment released this video slot to pay tribute to the series. The slot has wild symbols and 7 bonus features which includes a free spin feature and multiple bonus rounds. The graphics from the game are the same as those within the animated series.

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All of the main characters from the animated series are given their own bonus features within this game. There is Kyle's free spin feature where you'll be awarded 10 free spins, Kenny's bonus game where you need to keep him alive for as long as possible, Cartman has a pick a bonus feature, and Stan offers 2 bonus spins with sticky wilds. Farting Terrance, Phillip, and Mr. Hankey appear at random on the reels and add wild symbols.

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