Privacy Policy takes your privacy seriously. Any information that is received by visitors to our web site will always remain private. We do not actively collect any personal details from visitors to our web site, but their is some personal data that is collected at the server level which includes IP location, country of origin, browser version, and other information to track visitor traffic and other individual user statistics. This information is used for traffic analysis and to help us learn more about our visitors and find better ways to service visitors to our web site.

This site should only be used by adults that are 18 or older. Online gambling is illegal in most jurisdictions for anyone under the age of 18, and that is the restriction that we've put in place to safeguard minors from gambling exposure. While your details are kept private, you still need to make sure that it is lawful to gamble online from your jurisdiction. We may be required to release private information collected on our server for traffic analysis to law enforcement if a court order is issued for specific information by law enforcement, or whenever required by law.

Our site may show targeted ads to you based on your IP address and other user data. This information will always remain private on our server. We do not share any of our traffic data with advertisers. All traffic data collected on our server is seen only by the webmaster.

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