You can play video poker at these online casinos with a free bonus. These online casinos are offering a video poker bonus to new players that make their first deposit within the casino software. This free bonus can only be redeemed by using the bonus code that is provided below. By using this bonus code within the casino cashier before making your deposit, you'll be eligible to instantly receive the video poker bonus within your account. You could receive up to $8,000 in free bonuses to play the video poker games
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Which video poker game should I play online?

If you are playing video poker for fun, then you can play anything, If you are playing video poker
for real money, then you should play the games with a payout percentage of over 100% when playing
with a perfect strategy. The higher the payout percentage, the better off you'll be as a player.

Should I play video poker games with extra bonuses?

The best video poker games are often those without all of the extra perks or bonuses. The basic
video poker games like "Jacks or Better" tend to offer better payouts than those that have
progressive jackpots, wild cards, bonuses, and other interesting perks to lure you in.

Should I always make the maximum bet at video poker?

You should always make the maximum bet while playing the game, because the payout for a royal
flush is normally higher when placing the maximum bet. The royal flush accounts for around 2%
of the overall payout of the game, and you'd really hate to win the top prize on a minimum bet.

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