Some of the online casinos have begun offering bonuses to mobile players. If you enjoy playing the slots, then these online casinos will offer you a free bonus that you can use to play slots on your mobile device. Many of the casinos offer a no deposit bonus to new mobile players, in order to try out their games for free before making a deposit.

You can play casino games over the Internet with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. All of these online casinos offer software that is compatible with Apple or Android devices. If you are using a Blackberry phone, then you'll need to check with the casino to see if their games are compatible with your phone before you've redeemed the free bonus.
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How much does it cost to download the games and play them online?

The online casinos do not charge you to download or play the casino games. Your mobile carrier
will normally charge the standard rate for SMS and WAP/GPRS data transmission. Placing a bet at
the online casinos will require very little data bandwidth, so the costs should be relatively low.

How secure is it to play casino games for real money on a mobile device?

It is very secure to play on a mobile device, because the online casinos will employ the same
128 bit SSL encryption technology that is used within their standard online casino software.
All personal details, bets, and other sensitive information is protected through SSL encryption.

What happens if a bet is interrupted by a phone call or a bad connection?

Everything is stored on the casino servers. When your connection is stable again, you will resume
playing the games where you left off. The online casino will detect when you've lost connection
to their servers, and everything will be saved so that you won't lose any bets, free spins, etc.

Why do some of the mobile slots lack functions found in their online versions?

Mobile slots are relatively new, and the online casinos are just beginning to develop
new applications to enhance the mobile gaming experience. Some of the mobile slots lack
the functionality of the online versions, because the mobile technology is still evolving.

Why can I only play a few of the slot games on my mobile device?

The casino software providers have only just started to develop slots for mobile devices in the
past couple of years. They've been relatively slow when it comes to mobile gaming. As the technology
continues to evolve, you can expect the developers to begin adding more games for mobile players.

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